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We are a virtual orchestra that gets the job done, from anywhere. Our team is dedicated to creating a combination of services designed to suit your needs and generate organic growth for your brand. At DDG, we know our greatest asset is the combined talents of our people, so we are proud to showcase them and the true value of our work.



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Ulani Fletcher

Social Media DJ

Ulani is a versatile, talented and ambitious young woman. Armed with a BA in Marketing, she wears many hats in multiple professions; owning her own cupcake business in Tobago, selling houses and managing clients Social Media pages - all effortlessly, professionally and with style!


Lystra Ramdeo

Social Media DJ

Lystra is an experienced professional with 8+ years of expertise in the field of Communications and Public Relations. She has a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organisation management industry. She is skilled in Media Relations, Corporate Communications, Event Management, International Relations, and Marketing.  Lystra is excellent at networking, loves learning and is great at public speaking. 

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Chantelle Wilson

Creative Conductor

Chantelle has a rich background in local and regional sales and marketing, international client services, photography, event management, graphic design and videography. She has a BA in Graphic Design, loves traveling, singing and helping businesses grow to their full potential with the right mix of amiable support and professional expertise.

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Mark Kalawan

Creative Composer

Mark studied Computers in Art and Design at Barnet College in London, Graphic Design at SBCS in Trinidad, and is currently studying Character Design at Art School for Digital Artist online. More recently he specializes in MotionDesign. He’s got a unique blend of technical skills along with creativity reinforced through 10+ years’ experience.

CassMoshaAmoroso-Centeno headshot.png

Cass'Mosha Amoroso Centeno

Creative Composer

Cass'Mosha is a Caribbean based graphic designer and multidisciplinary artist with a BA in Visual Art. He has a true passion for all things visual and is dedicated to creating contemporary and engaging work, with an interest in further developing his skills in animation.


Tristan Mayo

Creative Composer

Tristan is a Caribbean graphic designer and photographer with many  years of experience locally and is now based in NYC. After graduating UTT in 2012 for Design and Photography, he looks for art in all its forms in the world around him. Through visualization and creativity, he drives to be always leaning and creating new forms of art to become a better version of himself every day.


Simone Rudder

Creative Composer

Simone has over 20 years experience in delivering creative solutions, from concept to print and web for the corporate, resort/property development and desktop publishing market. When she gets tired of being at her computer, she goes on adventures to explore the Caribbean islands through the lens of her camera.


Maria London

Creative Composer

Maria is a self-taught freelance graphic designer who started her career in engineering but fell in love with graphic design and all things branding. From packaging to logos to entire brand creation, she loves helping small business owners be seen.



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